Done for now

Hard to believe it's been this long since I last posted, but c'est la vie! I'm well and reasonably happy right now, but I've done little to no work on my book/project/goal-type thing. And since the end time is drawing nigh--for this round of ROW80, that is--I've decided to quit while the quittin's good. This end of the year business plays hell with goal keeping.

This does not mean that I've quit forever. I fully intend to make the first round of ROW80 for 2012 my New Year's resolution new start for 2012. So, in the coming weeks I will flesh out my old goals, come up with something new and get back to it on January 2nd.

To all my fellow ROWers, keep up the good work and have a Happy Whatever You Celebrate and a Good New Year!

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alberta ross said...

look foward to seeing you in 2012 - with shiny goals - i'm sorting mine now as this round draws to a close- wishing you happy festivities / holidays/