ROW80 Check-in 2/15

Well, I'm keepin' on keepin' on and am writing at least 250 wpd, (today's was just over 400 words). Still haven't figured out how many laps I walk; we're too busy yakking at each other to count. Reading more Padgett Powell. How y'all doin'?


Jayrod Garrett said...

I have a walking goal myself... that I'm not keeping very well. I need to do better with keeping that goal. It is one of the harder ones that I have at the moment. Keep up with your writing! Its important!

TN-Tanuki said...

The important thing to have is, ala South Park, an accountabilabuddy, that is, someone who'll walk with you and thus someone who you're responsible for and who's responsible to you. It's worked for me so far. Good luck!